Scholarship Successes


Meike Pummer

Scholarship for: Study at Victoria University: Bachelor of Law, and Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Studies

Meike’s interest in environmental studies stems from her love of nature and the environment. She is hoping that studying a combination of law and environmental studies will help her to work with companies in the future to ensure their sustainability.

Her goal is to not only help people recognise the issues surrounding lack of sustainability but also how they can improve the way they live and the way their company’s run, in order to be sustainable.

She will be using the scholarship to help pay for her accommodation fees.


Lewis Johnson

Scholarship for: Study at Victoria University: Bachelor of Arts, double major in Psychology and Te Reo Māori

Lewis has a wide interest in conserving our taiao (natural world) and taking care of our forests. He enjoys tree planting and has helped out with the GIS tracking of plants and tree growth in Newlands with Ngā Hau E Whā O Pāpārarangi.

Lewis is interested in waste minimisation and has helped implement a stronger system at Onslow College. He was the Onslow College Wellington Climate Challenge Conference Advocate and learned a lot about sustainability and climate change at the conference.

His goal is to use his interests in teaching and the environment to support and guide students in their important rangatahi years to build a base for their lives which is both sustainable for them and the rest of the world.

Lewis will use his scholarship for a new laptop.


Andrew Cox

Scholarship for: Study at Canterbury University: Mathematics/Physics

After achieving a PhD in Mathematics/Physics; Andrew’s goal is to be employed by a university to conduct research considering modern day issues (such as global warming/plastics) or human expansion (such as space/deep sea exploration).

Andrew plans to use the money towards his accommodation and fees in his second year.


Tasneem Morgan

Scholarship for: Study at Victoria University: Bachelor of Science, double major in Ecology and Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences

Tasneem has chosen to study Ecology and Biodiversity along with Environmental Sciences as a double major so she can understand how and why humans play such dominant roles in the biological world. Her interest in the earth’s ecosystems has stemmed from reading and watching with fascination earth related books and videos.

She wants to expand her knowledge and use her passion to contribute to finding solutions to preserve fragile ecosystems.

Tasneem plans to use the money for course fees, travel costs, text books, stationery and field trips.


Zoe Marryatt

Scholarship for: Study at Massey University (Wellington): Bachelor of Design with Honours majoring in Spatial Design

Zoe is interested in a career based around being a spatial, interior or architectural designer.

She wants to gain the skills and knowledge to create spaces that are efficient, can be utilised by the community to their maximum potential, and will improve the standard and quality of people’s lives.

Zoe wants to design spaces that are environmentally sustainable and will benefit future generations.

With the scholarship money Zoe will purchase her textbooks, and put the remainder towards a laptop that will aid her studying.


Josiah Gagamoe-Tuimaualuga

Scholarship for: Study at Victoria University of Wellington: Industrial Design

Josiah has a particular interest in energy efficient housing and designing more sustainable low-income housing. He sees this as a real opportunity to find sustainable solutions for his local area, NZ and beyond.

He also plans on building a career around creating an efficient environment that will make living in NZ easier and aspires to go back to his homeland of Samoa to do the same thing.

His ultimate goal in life is to have lived a life giving back to his community, family and making the world a better place for future generations through small contributions throughout his life.

Josiah will use the scholarship for transport to university and his stationery needs.

This will be a big help coming from a family with not much income. The scholarship helps him in a big way that he is excited for his first year now that he has help and the support he needs. He thanks the Hutt Mana Charitable Trust immensely.


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